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Sending Flowers to America, Los Angeles Flower Market souvenir pictorial history book by Peggi Ridgway and Jan Works, published in 2008 by the American Florists' ExchangeSending Flowers to America
ISBN 978-0-9798285-0-8

(LOS ANGELES, California) The American Florists Exchange published this 288-page, full color, pictorial hardbound book on the history of the American Florists' Exchange, Ltd. / Los Angeles Flower Market in December 2008. The book chronicles the history of the Los Angeles Flower Market located today at 754 Wall Street, Los Angeles, and the Southern California region and shares the stories of countless families and pioneers in the floral industry.

Sending Flowers to America: Stories of the Los Angeles Flower Market and the People Who Built an American Floral Industry, can be purchased for $35 from:

The Los Angeles Flower Market
Attn: Jim Mellano
766 S. Wall Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014



Naomi Hirahara's A Scent of Flowers (2005)A Scent of Flowers

This pictorial hardbound book features the history of the Southern California Flower Market started by the Japanese farmers and wholesalers in the early 1900s, the market located today at 755 Wall Street in Los Angeles. By Naomi Hirahara and published in 2005, it is now available from the Southern California Flower Market - visit our Contact page.


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