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General Information about the Los Angeles Flower District


Regular market hours, annual holiday and special hours

Amenities & Facilities

Air conditioned facility
Largest selection of floral supplies on the West Coast
Inside lighted parking
ATMs conveniently located


There are two spacious parking structures located above the flower market buildings, which are serviced by freight and passenger elevators for your convenience. 

Entrance to the American Florists' Exchange (Original Los Angeles Flower Market) parking lot is from the west side of San Julian Street between Seventh and Eighth streets. 

The Southern California Flower Market parking lot entrance is on the east side of Maple Avenue between Seventh and Eighth streets.

General Information

Southern California
Flower Market, Inc.

Mon. - Fri.
6 am to 4 pm
(213) 627-2482

Los Angeles Flower Market
of the American Florists' Exchange

Mon. - Fri.
6 am to 2 pm
(213) 622-1966

Los Angeles Flower District
Association Badge Program

Mon. - Sat.
6 am to 2 pm
(213) 627-3696

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Click here for more details about the LAFD membership badge program

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766 Wall Street, Los Angeles, California
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