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Flower Expressions

A flower for every expression . . .

Acacia – friendship; secret love
Amaryllis – hesitant beauty
Anemone – anticipation
Apple blossom – preference; good fortune
Arborvitae – live for me
Aster – virtue; symbol of love
Astilbe – I’ll be waiting
Azalea – temperance; first love

Bachelor button – hope of love; celibacy; blessedness
Basil, sweet – best wishes; success in love
Bay leaves - faithfulness
Bittersweet – truth
Blossoms of fruit, almond – hope
Blossoms of fruit, apple – admiration
Blossoms of fruit, cherry – spiritual beauty
Blossoms of fruit, orange – purity, fertility, loveliness
Blossoms of fruit, peace -- captivated
Bluebell – sad regret; constancy
Buttercup – money

Cactus – grandeur
Caladium – great joy; delight
Calla lily – magnificent beauty
Camellia, red – personal worth; excellence
Camellia, white – loveliness; gratitude
Carnation, pink – I’ll never forget you
Carnation, red – My poor heart!
Carnation, striped – Regrets; I can’t be with you
Carnation, white – remember me
Chrysanthemum, red – I love you, sharing
Chrysanthemum, white – fidelity, truth
Chrysanthemum, yellow – I am sad
Cineraria – always a delight
Clematis - beauty
Clover, 4-leaf – good luck; be mine
Columbine – inconsistency
Crocus – joy; young love
Cyclamen – bashfulness

Daffodil – unreturned love; innocence; regard
Dahlia – elegance
Daisy – share your feelings
Daisy, white - innocence
Dandelion – Coquetry
Dock – patience
Dogwood – love in spite of adversity

Edelweiss – noble memories
Everlasting – always remember

Fern – fascination
Fir – time
Fleur de lis – I burn
Forget-me-not – true love
Four o’clock – timidity
Foxglove – youth
Fuchsia – confiding love

Gardenia – refinement; secret, untold love; joy
Gentian – I love you best when you are sad
Geranium – gentility; friendship
Gladiolus – friendship; love at first sight
Goldenrod – encouragement

Heather – dreams we share will come true
Heliotrope – devotion
Hibiscus – delicate beauty
Holly – domestic happiness, bliss
Hollyhock – ambition
Honeysuckle – faithfulness; bond of love
Hyacinth, blue – constancy
Hyacinth, purple – jealousy
Hyacinth, white – loveliness
Hydrangea – understanding

Iris – a compliment; a message
Ivy – fidelity, friendship, marriage

Jasmine – grace, elegance, sensuality
Jonquil – wisdom; return my affection

Larkspur, pink – freedom
Larkspur, purple – haughtiness
Lavender – loveliness in age
Lilac, purple – first love
Lilac, white – innocence, purity
Lily of the valley – virtue, faithfulness, happiness
Lotus – forgetfulness

Magnolia – soulful, dignity, perseverance
Marigold – Unrequited love
Mimosa – daintiness
Mint – virtue
Moss rose – great merit
Myrtle – wedded happiness

Narcissus – vanity
Nasturtium – patriotism
Night-blooming cereus – transient beauty

Oleander – beware
Olive and laurel leaves – plenty, virtue
Orchid – you are beautiful

Palm leaf – victory
Pansy – thoughts of the loved one
Passion flower – holy love
Peony – shame
periwinkle, white – pleasant memories
Petunia – you soothe me; never despair
Phlox – agreement; we are united
Poinsettia – success
Poppy, red – consolation
Poppy, white – sleep
Primrose – carless joy

Rhododendron – warning
Rose of any color – love
Rose, deep red – admiration; deep or passionate love
Rose, full bloom – engagement
Rose, half bloom – timid love
Rose, pink - happiness
Rose, white – worthiness
Rose, yellow – jealousy; friendship kind of love
Rose, thornless – love at first sight
Rose, briday – happy love
Roses, red and white together - unity
Rosebud, red – pure and lovely
Rosebud, moss – confessions of love
Rosebud, white – girlhood
Rosemary – remembrance; commitment; fidelity

Sage – domestic virtue
Scabiosa – I cannot accept your love
Shamrock – loyalty
Snapdragon – presumption
Snowdrop – friendship
Spider flower – elope with me
Star of Bethlehem – atonement
Stephanotis – come to me; happy in marriage
Stock – lasting beauty
Sunflower - adoration
Sunflower, dwarf – adoration
Sweet pea – blissful pleasure, lasting pleasure
Sweet William – smile for me; gallantry
Syringa – be happy

Teasel – cynicism
Thistle – hardihood
Thyme – courage
Tiger lily – you are afraid
Tuberose – bereavement
Tulip – boldness
Tulip, red – declaration of love
Tulip, yellow – hopeless love

Verbena – tender emotion
Verbena, white – pray for me
Violet – modesty
Violet, blue – faithfulness

Water lily – a pure heart
Wisteria – welcome; I cling to you

Yarrow – cure for heartache

Zinnia – thoughts of friends; absent love







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